04 April 2012

Katelyn James Workshop Experience

Warning: there are a LOT of pictures in this post.  

I've been following
Katelyn James since Justin Brock, a friend from college, got married and he posted a link on Facebook to their wedding pictures (there's even a Part 2 here!).  It was during that first post that I couldn't tear my eyes from the page.  And I think it was during the wait for Part 2 that I fell in love with Katelyn, her images, and her style.  Gah!  Her pictures are gorgeous and she only gets better with time!

When she announced her first workshop, I was unable to go because of funds.  When she announced her second, I couldn't go because we were still going to be on our honeymoon (woot!), so when she announced her third... and it was just before our busiest wedding season yet... I knew it was time.  And it was so well worth it!  

I remember walking into the
Virginia Center for Architecture and hearing Katelyn.  And when I walked into the room, there she was!  Part of me was starstruck but that completely melted away when she welcomed me with a hug.  Because that's how she is - welcoming and inviting.  But I still couldn't believe I was there!  After following her blog for 2.5 years, a couple of emails during that time, and several Facebook comments here and there, I was SO excited for the day and all we were going to learn.

Her attention to detail was incredible.

And boy did we jump right in.  We talked about posing and lighting and marketing and creating an experience for your clients.
And we could have kept going had we not run out of time!

Do you see that bride on the screen? Yep, that's Chris Isham's wife -
Katelyn came to Greenville for their wedding about a year and a half ago!

And before I knew it, it was time for lunch. YUM.

I've been wanting to get my hands on some Leather Craftsmen albums for ages. 

They are GORgeous.

And then it was time for the stylized shoot.

Is Katelyn not adorable??

Blair Roberts Wyatt and Kelly Gony Jessup were our bridesmaids... they were incredible.

The gorgeous flowers were done by  Janie Medley of The Bride’s Cafe.

And Emily Hudspeth (a very talented hair & makeup artist!) and her husband, TK were our bride and groom.
The fun part is that this was their one year anniversary and they'd gotten married in New Orleans this same weekend last year. Well, Dana FitzGerald stylized the shoot as a Mardi Gras theme! So the rich golds, purples and greens fit the kick-off to their anniversary.

You guys...!

And then we had the details.

Are these not so much fun??

Wedding invitation by Bella Figura.

Is this cake not divine?!?  I'm in awe of Kristine Bender of K Rose Cakes and what she came up with.

And then there was the table setting.  The moment I saw it, I wanted to be a guest at this wedding!

Even the salt and pepper shakers fit the theme.

Katelyn teaching us some more about posing... and continually talking to and encouraging our clients.

Let's just say that this is a work in progress for this introvert :-)

May I please point out how much TEAL was being worn??  
It's Katelyn's favorite color.  It was like everyone fit her brand that day!

Goodness... I could have shot here all day long.


The jewelry is Simply Vera Vera Wang.

And then Katelyn's husband, Michael, and her sister, Emily, showed up with Bokeh!

And then we went back to shooting.

The light was just soooo perfect!

We even had some feathers to play with.

And then Bokeh took our attention again.

I'm not a dog/animal person... but he's just so cute!!

After shooting, we went back into the classroom to talk through some business and marketing. 
And I'm not kidding when I say we could have stayed for another 6 hours.
But, we had to leave since the building was closing!

I was so lucky to spend a full day with Anna Klapp after we'd met at The Fix the week before.

And then, I gave Katelyn a little gift before we all headed out to dinner. Since I'm a stalker big fan, I know that she loves Diet Mountain Dew and Sour Skittles. So, I brought her some as a small THANK YOU for being so amazing and for sharing her talent and knowledge with us.

(these two photos are courtesy of Anna!)

Katelyn, seriously, thank you SO MUCH for everything!!!

Bridal Gown and Bridesmaids' Dresses: Joanna August available at Bella Bridesmaid Richmond
Mini Birdcage Veil: Tigerlilly Jewelry
Bride's Shoes: Nine West from an assortment at DSW
Bridemaids' Shoes: Lulu Townsend
Shoe Clips: Maira Eaton of Chuletin Design
Purse adornment: Dana FitzGerald

Wedding Cake: Kristine Bender of K Rose Cakes 
Ribbon: Midori Ribbon
Wedding Invitation: Bella Figura 
Upholstered Screen: World Market
Chairs with Nailheads: World Market
Pillows: World Market
Nesting Tables: World Market
Stemware: World Market
Napkins: World Market
Flower Vessels: Michaels
Feathers: Michaels
Gold Chairs, Chair Cushions, Round and Six Foot Table and Tablecloths: Perfect Party
Lantern: Homegoods
Dinner Plates: Anchor Hocking at Target
*All other props not mentioned stylist's own.

Photographer: Katelyn James
Creative Director and Stylist: Dana FitzGerald 
Floral Design: Janie Medley of The Bride’s Cafe 
Floral Wholesaler: Florabundance 
Makeup Artist and Hair Design: Emily Hudspeth
Calligraphy: Moya Minns of MM Ink 
Model: Emily Hudspeth (Bride)
Model: TK (Groom)
Model: Blair Roberts Wyatt (Bridesmaid)
Model: Kelly Gony Jessup (Bridesmaid)
*Special thank you to: Ruby Press and Janie Medley of The Bride's Cafe

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