23 April 2012

Introducing Mrs Beese! | Rock Quarry Bridal Session

Saturday evening in downtown Greenville, Janet and Andrew became husband and wife.  A couple of weeks before the wedding - literally a couple of weeks... we kept getting rained out! - I met Janet and her sister at the Rock Quarry close to downtown Greenville.  The flowers were in bloom, the colors were incredible, and there was just enough wind to lift her veil at just the right moments.

I love bridal sessions because it gives the bride an extra chance to put on her dress as well as do her hair and her make-up.  It's like a dress rehearsal for the wedding day!  And as a former bride, I wanted to put on my dress as many times as I could.  I may have put it on several times before the wedding.  At my house.  By myself.  You know, just because :-)  ANYWAY, Janet was radiant.  And we had so much fun.  Which is the other reason I love bridal sessions.  It gives me more time with my bride without the time table and schedule of the wedding day!  It's a chance for us to hang out, let her model, feel beautiful, laugh, and spend time before the big day.  So, if a couple has done an engagement session, the bride opts for a bridal session and then we have the wedding day... I've seen my bride with my camera three different times.  So, by the wedding day she and I know each other and she and my camera know each other.  It's a win win win win win!

Enough talking... enjoy Janet's bridals and be sure to check back later this week for her and Andrew's wedding images!

It was SUCH a beautiful day for SUCH a beautiful bride!

And her flowers!  Oh my word!  Greg Foster did such an incredible job.

It was about right here that I started freaking out about the light. In a good way :-)

Janet's got the model face down pat...

The flowers again... I couldn't help it.

I would like to say that my brides find me hilarious. But, this smile and laugh was a result of Janet's sister :-)

Work it.

I. Love. Her. Shoes.

Gorgeous. Just gorgeous.

Again, I'd like to thank Lindsay for being so funny and making Janet laugh!

And then we went to one more spot that I've been dying to shoot at for ages.

Thanks for being game with the additional location, Janet!


lindsay neely said...

Gorgeous!!! Great work Sabrina! Congrats to the the Beeses!

Katie Nesbitt said...

I loooove her shoes! And the way the light illuminated her veil! Beautiful job, girl!

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