13 April 2012

Fabulous Friday | Paris, Je T'aime

To say that I miss Paris may be one of the largest understatements.  Ever.  Since going the first time when I was 16, I've been in love with the city... and everything about it.  The people, the food, the pain au chocolat, the crêpes, the métro, the RER, the macaroons, the museums, the bridges, the Eiffel Tower, the Champs Élysées, the Galeries Lafayette... everything.  So, it's more like I'm in a constant state of missing Paris when I'm not actually there.  It's just wonderful.  And the fact that Ben and I were able to spend almost two weeks there for our honeymoon... oh my heavens.  It was wonderful.

With mom just getting back from France with her students this week and some other friends returning from a trip to Europe as well, Paris (and France as a whole) has been on my mind.  Ben even asks me on a pretty regular basis when we're going back... and he started asking about 2 days after we returned home in November!  I love that he has fallen in love with the city too :-)

Our first day in the city we went out to the business district just because it's the last stop on Line 1 of the métro and La Grande Arche is just fun.

Even with my 18-200mm lens, this was the best I could get of the Grande Arche as we exited the métro.

And once we walked up all the stairs into the center of the building, 
we found these random glass... things.  So we played :-)

My gorgeous husband... 

Then we ventured into my favorite part of Paris... Montmartre.

So many times have I walked these steps.

The cafés and the people just make the city come alive!

The square of artists is somewhat of a tourist trap, but I always have to go.

The streets are incredible... as was the light.  And my model was more than willing to pose :-)

Paris... c'est vrai... je t'aime.
(Paris... it's true... I love you)

There are carousels everywhere.  And they just make me happy!

We venutred back up to Montmartre on our last full day in Paris.  And we may have stopped at the tourist trap again.
But would you look at these oils??  They're just gorgeous.

So, we purchased a small one and I asked if I could photograph the artist with her work.

Another reason I love Paris... they have Cheery Coke everywhere!!!

The artist on the left is just... so French! :-)

My heart may have stopped when we walked up on this wall and the Vespa.  
I mean, really?  I could have stayed there all day.

*sigh* Our last crêpes. Ben had ham and cheese and I had nutella (of course).

I think what I love about Montmartre is how even though all of Paris is "old", even the métro signs up there reflect times gone by.  I just love it.

And before I sign off and wish you a happy weekend... I get to announce the winner of the contest for the $10 to Starbucks!  I used random.org and it gave me the number 11... which when I count through the comments, number 11 is Shellie!  Congrats!!

Happy Friday everyone!

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Amy said...

Best blog post EVER!! You know I love me some Paris as well girl- and you captured the heart of Paris so well. Love it! Love you!

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