17 April 2012

Lisa of Marvelous Pies

Several years ago, they started mentioning this word around church that made no sense. People kept talking about Nasha (nuh-sha) and entrepreneurs and biblical lending and it was all very confusing... at first.  Nasha is Hebrew for "biblical lending" and the basic way it works is that people donate money that goes into the Nasha account.  Entrepreneurs apply for these loans through NashaLending.org and as money comes in, their loan begins to be fulfilled. They receive the money to grow their business (while receiving mentoring on how to best use their money - how cool is that??) and as they repay their no-interest loan, it goes back into the account.  And the really cool part is that when that money goes back into the account, it's available to another entrepreneur!  So, even if someone donates even $10, that $10 will have the ability to "work" for many people!  I love it.

A couple of weeks ago, Grace Church introduced the newest Nasha entrepreneur, Lisa. She not only bakes pies, but she had samples at church that day. Bonus! Lisa only uses locally grown fruits, veggies, ingredients that are in season for her pies and then sells them at the market. Just hearing about her pies made me want to try them! Last week, I had the honor of hanging out with her and her sons for a little while as we went to the strawberry patch and I got to capture them in the beginning stages of pie making... picking the berries!

Be sure to check out Marvelous Pies and all she has to offer. I've only been able to taste one of her pies, but I'm pretty excited to try others!

Sandy Flat Berry Patch in Taylors is wonderful!

These were just as good as they look. One of these buckets went home with me.
And disappeared in just a few days.

This was just one of MANY ginormous strawberries we found... 
and this was before we went down to the patch to pick our own!

Lisa's sons were very helpful.

And they love strawberries!  The one on the left is my favorite!

Lisa - you are beautiful inside and out. Thank you for taking us to the strawberry patch!

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