14 February 2012

Engaged | Stephanie & Joe

I met Stephanie a couple of years ago, mostly by chance, through some friends as we were sitting at Starbucks one afternoon.  I don't remember exactly how our friendship developed after that because the next thing I remember about her was sitting at another Starbucks and swapping life stories.  And what I found out that day is what I've seen time and time again over the last couple of years... Stephanie love the Lord more than anything and she shows that love to everyone she comes in contact with.  She has come to be a huge encouragement and such a wonderful friend that I really can't imagine my life without her!

Joe showed up on the scene at church not too long before Stephanie did.  I met him for the first time at a mutual friend's house for Easter lunch several years ago.  I'd see him from time to time, but it wasn't until Joe and Stephanie both started serving in our high school student ministry at church that I would see them regularly.

Joe definitely liked Stephanie first.  But, Steph had some things she needed to sort through and figure out before she could start giving her heart to Joe.  Which is just another thing that I love about her!  She doesn't get into much without seeking God and what He wants for her (not that Joe doesn't, I just know Steph's side a little more than I do Joe's!).  After a lot of patience and careful and slow pursuit, Joe won Stephanie over.

I'm so honored to not only call them friends, but to be capturing their March wedding up in Indiana!  Thank you guys for being brave and facing a potentially rainy day to capture your love.  You guys are a blast and (selfishly) I'm glad we get to hang out so much between church and your wedding!

The day was a little drizzly but we wandered through downtown Greenville and found plenty of fun spots.

It's a known fact that I love red doors - I even have one on my house :-)

I would love to tell you that I said something really funny...
but these two were in their own world :-)

I've not been a fan of pink... it's been too "girly" for me.  But oh my goodness... the color of it just POPS!

Stop it you two... just stop it.

Oh Stephanie... I love you and your faces!

It's amazing what you can find by "wandering around" in downtown!
All of us saw this spot and wanted to stop.

You guys are rock stars at the "serious face".  No lie.

I don't know if y'all could be any more adorable.  I love it!

Stephanie's ring isn't just gorgeous... it's GORGE!

We went over to the Downtown Campus of Grace Church for an outfit change and to wrap up the session.


This one is a really close second favorite...

Ah!  Would you look at her killer eye lashes???

These two below... wow.  I just love them.  
Y'all are killing me with how awesome you are at this model thing.

Happy Valentine's Day!

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