03 February 2012

EJ is One!

I just love this family.  You've seen them on the blog plenty of times over the past several years because Sarah and Cas were one of the first families that I kinda-sorta-but-didn't-really know who entrusted me to capture their family as they grew.  And I LOVE being a part of people's lives and being given the chance to capture their family right now so that years down the road they can look back and remember what this precious time was like. 

As we've had family leave to travel back to Cameroon and Paraguay this week, it's become even more clear just how treasured the photos of our time together really are.  So the fact that I get to do that for others, make time stand still (in a sense), I'm just humbled and thrilled all at the same time.

Sarah and Cas (and Wyatt and EJ!), thank you for letting me be a part of your lives these past several years.  You guys are wonderful and I appreciate that you believed in me when Wyatt was born and that you've continued to believe in me as your family continues to grow!  So excited about baby Smith that's on the way!!

Now... onto the star of this post... EJ!

Seriously, I just want to eat him up.

The thing about having siblings is that you learn early on that the spotlight must be shared :-)  
But EJ doesn't really seem to mind!!

It's so much fun to watch you with your children, Sarah.

Ok, I love this picture of Wyatt below.  It's just peaceful and thoughtful and still all boy :-)  But I must explain this really cool bike... if you notice, it doesn't have any pedals on it (!!).  Wyatt isn't quite old enough to be on a "real" bike, but this one helps him learn to balance so that when his coordination catches up, he'll be able to pedal and steer at the same time.  But don't let him fool you, he can really get around on this thing!!

Oh my word... I just love his sweet little face.

It's pictures like these, boys with their dads, that make my heart swell with joy.

The secret to getting a family picture with little ones is to let the family interact.
And while it may look like Wyatt is trying to run for his life, there was a lot of laughter happening here!

Oh my goodness... EJ's facial expressions are the.best.


See??  I told you he can really move on this thing!

As I said, mommy is expecting baby number three this summer so we took a few maternity shots while we were out!

This picture is also beautiful in color, but I just LOVE it in black and white...
with Sarah looking to the side, Cas in the background and the boys playing in between.  I just love it.

This is Wyatt's modeling picture :-)

We've never had a chance to get pictures of just Cas and Sarah so we took our chance while the boys were playing on the bridge.  And since most of you reading this post weren't there, I'm going to let you believe that I said something really funny to make them laugh!

Seriously, you guys are awesome.

I'll end with this one of EJ... because this is supposed to be his post!
Plus, him running to mom and dad and the way he's looking at them just make me swoon.

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