02 January 2012

Seattle or Bust

Last April I went to Nashville for a couple of days to attend the IN-CAMERA workshop that Zach and Jody Gray do... they've been all over the world with this workshop teaching photographers things THEY have learned over the course of their business.  Day 1 focuses on getting the image you want INSIDE your camera, which means knowing your camera, the light you're working with, and how to adjust you and your camera settings to get an incredible picture right off the bat.  This also means spending less time in LightRoom and PhotoShop afterwards.  Woohoo!

I only went for the second two days because they focused on lighting and business/marketing... two things that I ALWAYS need to learn more about.  So, Day 2 focuses on their lighting setup and how they get the rock-star images they're known for.  The "best" part for us was that we were in the most horrible of circumstances - POURING rain.  So, we found a sweet location and shot inside solely with their lights and WE were the ones that took turns setting up different lighting scenarios.

Sadly, this is the only picture I ever posted... maybe I should show you more!

Day 3 was full of how they've progressed in their business and with their marketing.  I have so many pages of notes... and so much that I want to implement!

But now what?  Well, they're going to be in Seattle with creativeLive at the end of January.  One of the best things is that anyone can tune in for FREE!!  But THE best thing is that they're choosing six people to come out and be with them in the studio!!!!  And I want to be one of those six!

I never submit videos for things because my ideas become bigger than my capabilities...   but, I did marry a videographer!  So, below is my entry... and the outtakes.  And really, you should watch both because I've already watched the outtakes at least 5 times.  Thank you, Ben for spending most of yesterday putting these together!!

Annnd.... the outtakes...

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Julie Kelley said...

I LOVE creativeLIVE!! They are fantastic! Good luck!!

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