27 January 2012

Fabulous Friday | Family Fun

This coming Monday and Tuesday we'll be saying goodbye to some of Ben's side of the family as they head back to their particular parts of the world (Africa and South America).  The fact that we have family in so many countries and on at least three different continents blows my mind some days.  Although, it doesn't surprise me at all that God would give me a family that's spread over the globe.

We've tried to make as much as we could of our time together since his sister, Jenna, and her family (the Wrights) came over from Africa in August and then his parents came from South America in October.  A couple of weekends ago we went up to Ridgecrest for a family weekend away and had a blast.  The ladies went to Biltmore Saturday morning and we spent the evenings playing games and spending some time in the Word and praying.

I'm so thankful for this family God has given me and that they have welcomed me with such open arms!

Since we were all together (and we aren't sure when that will happen again) we arranged things to get some family pictures on Sunday before we left.  So thankful for my tripod in times like these :-)

Our "for real" pose.

Our "goofy pose".

Our "1885/angry pose".

Our "funny faces pose".
(This one cracks me up every time...!)

And last but not least, a pose with all the grand kids!

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