20 January 2012

Fabulous Friday | Wedding Websites

The thing I love about my website is well... there are lots of things I love about it.  The number one thing is that since it's a ShowIt site, I can change it whenever I want to!  It looks the way it does because I'VE made it look that way.  And if you know me at all, I have zero talent for actual design.  (But, please don't judge the site too harshly right now because I'm in the process of updating the look and feel and everything about it!)

The number two thing I love about my site is what are called +sites (plus sites).  Oh my goodness... this may actually be a tie for my number one reason of loving ShowIt.  I can create as many +sites as I want!  And all of them can look completely different or have the same feel but with different pictures.  I'm getting better about offering these to my couples and am actually working on one now for one of my May 2012 brides.  Sometimes the bride and groom have already set up a site, so I will put one together with just their engagement and wedding photos so friends and family can go to one place to see their pictures.

Since I had this at my disposal when we got engaged last summer, I somehow found the time to put our own site together exactly the way we wanted it!  And there were plenty of times that someone found a typo or I just wanted to change something and it took me no time at all to do that!

So, if you're a photographer and looking for a website company, ShowIt is 100% worth it.  And don't be intimidated by the design aspect... there are stylegroups that you can use and drop in your own wording and photos, or there are designers out there who design sites FOR ShowIt!  Plus, it's an amazing community of people and the customer service is just amazing.

If you're a bride and groom looking for a photographer, I'd love to show you some samples of +sites that my past couples have had.  

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