06 December 2011

Just Being Me

There are several blogs and photographers and designers that I follow and so many of them constantly say the same thing to those out there who are trying to "make it" in their business of choice... BE YOU*.  Granted that business of choice they're speaking to is one in the artistic field, but that's where and why it makes sense.  I don't know that it would really fly for those trying to make it in say, the mechanical engineering field.  YES, it could work, but there are more rules and formulas in that area than are in the artistic world!

I've always struggled with the tension between my artistic side and my engineering side.  Even when I was younger and going through school, I was the 
epitome of the well-rounded kid.  Ugh.  I was ok/good at many things but didn't excel at one individual thing.  And this drove the engineering side of me crazy!  Do you know how frustrating it is to enjoy math as much as you enjoy playing the violin?  Yes... I'm a freak of nature.  BUT, I wasn't the best at either of those things!  I remember taking the SAT three times and getting the exact same score on math and verbal all three times.  Wait, I take that back... one time I was 10 points higher on math than I was on verbal. *sigh*  Still, I came out of each of those times asking, "What am I supposed to do with my life??"

Anyway, now that I'm all grown up and doing things I never thought I'd do (working in ministry and photography instead of being an astronaut), I'm finally starting to listen to those other artistic types and figuring out how to just BE ME.  However, that can sometimes change on a daily basis.  No, I don't have multiple personalities!  I just mean one day I want to wear jeans and a graphic tee and the next day I want to dress up like I'm stepping out of a J.Crew magazine.

The good news with all of this and what I find myself doing work-wise is that I am in a world that is constantly moving and adjusting.  Church activities and sermon series change each week and photography is constantly changing based on my mood, a location, my clients, etc.. 

So, it looks like I ended up in the right field(s) (no pun on my new last name intended... really!).  There's enough consistency and organization to fulfill my engineering side and enough change and creativity to fulfill my photography side.  And for once, maybe even the first time, I'm looking forward to embracing all of who I am and getting that out there and I'm going to encourage you to do the same!

Whether you're pursuing photography, teaching, art, ministry, music, and maybe even engineering... I'm going to repeat what "everyone else" is saying... just BE YOU and love it and have fun with it.

*Jasmine Star, Promise Tangeman, Katelyn James... to name a few


Julie Kelley said...

Math and violin go so well together! It was actually a very popular combo for math majors. Almost all of us played an instrument. Now I am a biostatistician who scrapbooks, sings, does theater, paints, etc. True math is art. Freak of nature? I say not! I'm just me! I'm glad you're you!

Christen said...

I love Julie's comment! And I absolutely agree. After all, I spent an hour discussing the irrelevance of the G20 and the potential collapse of the Bretton Woods institutions with a prominent economist, after which I returned to my desk and watched the CBS interview of Anna Wintour on the 120th anniversary of Vogue... four times. Glad you are figuring out a way to embrace all of you!

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