27 December 2011

The Donells

Ryan is the pastor for our high school students at church and between leading a group of high school girls as well as being on staff myself, I've gotten to know Ryan and his family a little bit over the past year and a half or so.  It also doesn't hurt that his wife's sister, Joanna, is a good friend and that I did senior pictures for his wife's brother, Nic.  Ryan and Lydia welcomed their adorable and sweet baby boy, Trystan, into the world this past summer and I was thrilled when we had the chance to meet up for some family pictures just before Christmas.

Both of these families are wonderful (the Donell's as well as Lydia's family)... I hope you can get a glimpse of that in these photos!

The morning light was beautiful.

A child's laughter is one of my favorite things.

The bomber hat was amazing!

Me thinks he has a modeling career in his future...

Trystan needed a break, so mom and dad got some pictures while grandma got some snuggle time with the little one.

And now we see where the little one gets his modeling skills from...

Lydia... you are just beautiful.

The poor little guy was worn out from the pictures... but he was still so adorable, even with tears in his eyes!


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