29 April 2011

Fabulous Friday | ClemsoNieces & ClemsoNephews

I've mentioned it before, but my Clemson girls mean the world to me.  We've been together since our freshman year at Clemson University and with many of them having children, I've become an "aunt" several times over.  So, as you can imagine, watching these kids grow up is as much fun as if they were my own flesh and blood!  Which also brings that sense of "oh my goodness, they're getting so big!"  Andrea, who is the oldest of the bunch just turned 5 (five!!) this past March and her brother, David, just turned 3.  So, we all got together to capture them playing and riding bikes and having fun together.

Jill, thanks for trusting me with capturing your kiddos on "film".  And thanks for letting me be a part of your lives!  Love you guys :-)

Since the day he was born, David has been all boy... hence the dinosaur on his shirt and his train!

I really don't think my brother and I loved each other as much as these two do. They are so sweet!

Andrea, you are so pretty.

Don't let her fool you... she is quite the goofball too!

We headed over to the Travelers Rest end of the Swamp Rabbit Trail so they could have some fun on their bikes.

It took David a while to want to even look at the camera, but I'm so glad he did!

Oh I love the light!!

Don't worry Andrea and David... you'll be seeing me behind my camera for many many many years to come!  Love you both so much!

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