04 April 2011

Introducing Mrs. Christopher Collogan!

These bridal portraits are a little different than others... mainly because this session was two-fold.  My church's downtown campus had some extensive renovations done a couple of months ago and before the pews were put back in place, I thought it would be incredible to get some photos of a beautiful bride in this beautiful building.

Enter Nora :-)  We actually met because of this project!  And it's small things like that... meetings that don't happen by chance but are all a part of God working... that I love about life.  Nora is one of the sweetest people I have ever met.  Despite the trials she has faced and because of the journey she has been on, she is following her faith and relying on God for strength.

I was in this building a lot during renovations in order to document the progress, plus, it's where I go to church each Sunday.  So, to meet Nora in this place that I've spent so much time and then have the chance to attend her wedding as a guest this past weekend (in the same church) was nothing short of an honor.

Nora and Christopher... Congratulations.  Your wedding was beautiful not only because y'all are beautiful, but because the ceremony and the covenant you both entered into was honoring and glorifying to God.  Have so much fun on your honeymoon and I look forward to hanging out when you return!!

I just love Nora's dress... for several reasons...

The hair piece... the veil... the gorgeous bride!

I love that the buttons went ALL the way down her dress.

Nora, your style is fabulous. Especially because you chose a dress with pockets!!

Nora, seriously.  You are gorgeous.


I loved this one so much that I couldn't find another image to pair with it...

Nora, thank you for your help with this.  Thank you for trusting a stranger on such short notice.  And thank you for being so wonderful!

Congratulations again :-)

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CristinMic said...

That picture of her walking down the isle (that's not actually there) is beautiful! You are so talented, Sabrina!

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