11 April 2011

Life in Motion | The Pattersons

Natalie and I were in the same bible study our freshman year of college.  Then we were roommates.  Then I was in her wedding.  Then we were co-workers.  Then I went to the hospital when her first baby was born... and I did the same for the second... and now the third!  Watching Natalie and Josh do life together has been such an encouragement and blessing to me.  They have faced more than their share of trials, but they have faced each one with the strength of Christ and have grown closer together and to Him as a result.

It has been a privilege to live life with them and to document parts of it through pictures along the way.  This session was two-fold.  We got some newborn pictures of Emory and then captured their life as it was in motion.  I hope you not only enjoy the pictures of their new little peanut but that you're able to get a glimpse of where they are in life right here and now.

First, let me introduce you to Emory Jones.

Oh Emory... you've already stolen my heart.

Natalie, I don't tell you this enough, but you are beautiful.  And you're an amazing mom.

Would you look at that sweet face...

We'll just go ahead and say that's a smile... so what if he's only a week old?? :-) 

When I went downstairs, I found Big Brother Cooper "reading" a book in the playroom.

Yes, those are his real blue eyes.  And yes, all three kids have them. *jealous*

Adri is the oldest... and is a Princess in every sense of the word... including the reason on her wall in her room.

I had to include all of these next four as it seemed to be a typical "middle child" thing to do!


I can't believe it... Emory is already trying to hide from my camera!

Girl time with a book on the porch.

So, Adri is a bit of a performer.  She's been dancing and singing since before she could sit up.

And when she makes it big, this picture will be shown everywhere.  I just want to say that "you saw it here first!"

Emory is already thinking of when he'll be able to sleep in a quiet house. lol

I mean, seriously... be still my heart.  I love little baby hands and fingers!

Cooper has The. Best. Expressions... ever.

Remember those blue eyes I was telling you about?  Now you see where the kids got them!

This is why the third child is usually so laid back.
They come out of the womb knowing how to sleep regardless of the chaos going on around them!

This was his way of telling me he was done...!

Congrats you guys... on your family of five!!!  Thank you for letting me not only share life with you, but for allowing me to capture it as your family has grown.  Much love!

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