17 December 2010

Newborn | Elliot Jacob

It was marked on my calendar... so when Sarah's due date rolled around on November 15, I sent her a text to see if Baby #2 was making any efforts to join us out here in the world.  I think I checked in with her one more time before November 18 when I got a text with a picture of Elliot Jacob (aka EJ).  YAY!  He was here!  And I was finally able to meet him last week and hold him and kiss him and love on him all I wanted to.

I'm not sure what it is with me and newborns recently, but they only want to sleep when I DON'T have the camera in my hand.  What is going on??  Crazy kids :-)  But, since my clients are some of the best in the world (you other photogs may argue that point, but I'm telling you, I got you beat!) AND have some of the most adorable kids in the world, we're bound to get some great pictures.  So, with no further adieu, meet EJ...!

Ok, I promise I didn't make him cry!  But it's still so darn cute...

See??  Totally fine.  I'm like the "baby whisperer" or something.

Two of my favorite things... little baby feet and Christmas lights.

"If you take one more picture of me, I'm gonna give you a knuckle sandwich, lady..."

"Oh, you think I'm cute? You say this is my good side? Well, maybe just a few more pictures..."

Big brother Wyatt was a little interested.  And then he wasn't.

This one of the two of them just makes me laugh!

Wyatt, didn't we just shoot your newborn pictures?  When did you start growing up?!?

Their family of three is now a family of four!

I was almost to my car when Cas came running out saying we forgot to take a few pictures. 
When I got back inside and into the nursery, this is what I found Sarah putting EJ into. 
So.  Precious.

I mean, he's just so so so sweet.

Enjoy some more of EJ's pictures in his slide show!

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