21 December 2010

Introducing Mrs. Trey Williams

I'm taking a risk by saying this, but she's family, so I have to... I remember when Morgan was born!  And now she's a married woman, on her honeymoon in Jamaica (hope y'all are having a BLAST!).  Morgan's dad is my first cousin because his dad and my dad are brothers.  Which just makes it funny because Morgan's grandparents are my aunt and uncle (it gets a little confusing at times).  Although, if you ask my Aunt Monie, she'll probably tell you that I was her first "grandchild" :-)

Enough of my family tree... that's not why you're here.  Morgan is about ten years younger than I am, so between that and her family living in Charleston most of her life, I didn't really know her very well.  Until that glorious day when I found out she was coming to the upstate to attend Clemson for college!  YAY!  We were going to have another Clemson Tiger in the family!  And not just that, but she was close enough that I could drive 45 minutes to have dinner with her and hang out and see how life was treating her... as well as hear about this boy that she had recently started dating.

Long story short, they were married this past Saturday in Charleston, SC at the Sumerall Chapel at The Citadel where Trey is a recent graduate.  I can't wait to show you images from their wedding day, but first, I want to share pictures from Morgan's bridal session in downtown Charleston.  We had quite the entourage that day with her mom, dad, sister, her aunt, and (my) Ben (yes, I just gave you a shout out on the blog!) walking around to carry equipment, the dress and bottles of water.  It was a fabulous day and we couldn't have asked for more beautiful weather.

Morgan, you are beautiful inside and out... Congratulations and I hope you're enjoying the beach in Jamaica!

There are so many things I love about Charleston... Meeting Street and the incredible alleys are just a couple of them.

Morgan, your smile is just stunning.

And girl, you've got that look down pat! I love it.


Oh that bouquet... SO gorgeous!

Not traditional, I know... but I love the newspaper boxes!

 Oh how I wanted to take that bike with us for this session!  But, since it was chained up, I resisted.

Dear Charleston, thank you for having such amazing iron gates.

Would you look at that light?  It makes Morgan look even more stunning than she already is!

That may be a "Lewis look" she's giving the camera, but it totally works for this image.

Of course her beautiful smile just makes her radiant!  We ended the session at Charleston Place on the grand staircase that was already decorated for Christmas! (never mind that it was before Thanksgiving...)

For more of Morgan's bridal session, click here!

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