09 December 2010

Anytime Session with Amy

Amy is one of the most amazingly wonderful and spunky people I know.  I met her because she joined our Community Group at church right around a year ago.  Yes, she's a Clemson grad, like I am, but that's not the only reason I like her!  She's so full of life, she's driven, she's funny, and she draws people in without having to think about it.  It had been a while since she'd had some pictures taken and with Christmas coming up, what better gift for the parents and family than recent photos??  I've done it before, I've had other single friends do it... and the moms?  Yep, they love it.

In Amy's driven fashion, she decided earlier this year to start training for a body building competition.  Talk about self-discipline!  I went over to her house one day to drop something off and just the day before she had taken a trip to Sam's.  She showed me the 6+ dozen eggs in her fridge and proceeded to offer me the bowl of egg yolks (which she couldn't eat) from the first dozen eggs she had already eaten.  She was eating nothing but stuff that would help tone and define her muscles.  Read: NO SUGAR.  That's right, no sugar or dairy for like 13 weeks.  Which is why you will never find me in one of these competitions :-)  You can check out her journey on her blog... and the post from her first competition... where she WON!  Yep, she's that hard core.

She's in the off season right now, which is why/how she was able to bring both of us some Starbucks before our session.  Yummm.... I may not like coffee (tragic, I know) but I love me some hot chocolate with a shot (or three) of hazelnut!  Amy, you're a delight!  And not just because you bring me Starbucks!  I hope you enjoy your pictures and that your mom will love me you for it! :)

These two are probably my favorites.

The slant on that sidewalk makes me feel like I'm back in San Francisco!

How awesome that her smile is perfect and both she and Samson are looking at the camera??

I should have had her flex so you could really see those muscles she's worked so hard for!


Amy, this was so fun!  Enjoy your slideshow!


ErinLClegg said...

Ah! You have met our fabulous Sutter, a fellow Cryovac employee. You are right, she is fabulous! We are thankful for all she does for us over here!: ) Hope you've been doing well! Amy's photos are wonderful!!!

sara said...

I love the pics where Amy is grinning ear to ear. Those capture the essence of Amy!

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