03 October 2010

The Taylors

When I first met Jimmy and Julia five years ago, they were a part of my Community Group at church and it was hard not to fall in love with them and their two kids.  There's just something about spending a couple of hours a week with people, opening up, sharing life, and caring for one another that draws you close.  So, when they were "taken away" to begin leading a newly formed group, it was hard!  But the good news is... they're back!  AND I now work with Jimmy, so I get to see him most days and I get to see Julia more often because she'll drop by from time to time and will have at least a couple of the kids with her.  Oh, when we got them back in our Community Group, they came with two additional children.... who are just as adorable as the first two are.  All of my friends/clients (most times they're one in the same) have the most adorable kids.  Makes me a little worried for when I have kids one of these days... I just don't know that there will be any cuteness left :-)

Thank you guys for letting me not only be a part of your lives but for giving me the opportunity to capture your life in pictures.  Hope you enjoy them!

Go ahead and get your "Aww"s ready.  You're gonna need them!

These were the two I knew when I first met the Taylors...

And these are the two "new" additions since then!

Adorable.  Seriously.

The girls and the boys.

I love it.  I just do.

No, Yara isn't looking at the camera but how sweet is it that she's looking up at her daddy??

Why hello amazingly wonderful back lighting. *sigh* :)

I love families that know how to laugh and play together.

This girl... is so sweet.  And she was up for any kind of pose and look.  
I think she could be in the next GAP kids catalog.

And this one... well, I could just eat her up.

One word... smokin'.

I LOVE capturing melt-downs.  Especially when the parents and the other kids are all smiles!

I adore daddy/daughter pictures.  And this one has melted my heart each time I've looked at it.

You guys are the best.  Thanks for letting my camera hang out with us!

You'll want to see more pictures in their slide show here...

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