09 October 2010

Introducing Mrs. Scott Perry

What seems like ages ago, I met Taylor and her mom at Panera Bread to talk about Taylor and Scott's wedding day on October 9.  As they recounted the story of how Taylor and Scott met, I fell in love with them and this family.  Taylor's friend was in Iraq and met this guy who she insisted Taylor write a letter to.  She was not as gung-ho about this idea as her friend was, but after some persuasion, Taylor wrote a letter.  And Scott wrote back.  After several back and forth (as they told me, this is the 21st century after all!) and a phone call from Germany while he was on R&R, Scott came home and they were finally able to meet in person almost exactly a year after their first letter.

When his tour was up and he came home, Scott requested to be stationed at Ft. Jackson in Columbia so that he could be close to Taylor in order to pursue a relationship with her.  Since they had already gotten to know each other through emails and phone calls, it didn't take them long to realize they didn't want to be without the other.  And so, Scott popped the question and Taylor said yes.

Luckily I didn't have to keep these in hiding for too long, but I'm also excited to share their wedding images with you too!  So, with no further ado, here's the new Taylor Perry...

Taylor, I love your laugh and those looks you can give!

Would you look at that gorgeous bride in that amazing light. *sigh* :)

No, I don't hire models so that I can expand my portfolio.  
My brides are just that gorgeous and just happen to be really good at posing!

Taylor, you are stunning.

She was such a good sport with my crazy ideas too!  Ok, maybe the ideas aren't that crazy,
but they're out of the norm for me and Taylor was more than willing to go along with whatever!

Taylor, CONGRATS to you and Scott!  I can't wait to for you to see your wedding day pictures!
Until then, enjoy a slide show of her bridals!

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