24 March 2010

6 to 9 Months

Oh my goodness. Seriously, where does time go? I've been photographing little Wyatt for the past nine months and was thinking about this post when I realized something... I never posted his six month pictures! Holy cow! But, the fun thing is that there will be gads of pictures on this post AND you'll be able to easily see how much he's grown in just a three month time span!
He was SO close to figuring this thing out...
These are the 9 month pictures. Still adorable...
Look at those baby blues!
This just seems to scream Baby GAP to me... any takers??
I seriously love this one.

Wyatt, I can't believe our next session will be for your FIRST birthday! You bring your adorable self, I'll bring the cake and we'll have a blast.

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