25 April 2010

At Long Last

So, do you remember how I had the first ever Photographs by Sabrina contest last summer?  And after 104 votes, The Parks family won with this picture of Kade?  Well, they won a free photo session and we FINALLY just had it last weekend!  It was a little crazy because the summer was packed, Derek (and I) were traveling a good bit for Upward, then it was winter and when I mentioned having a bundled up photo shoot, Ginger reminded me that she married a Miami boy and that it would be in the best interest of everyone to wait until it got warmer.  After laughing out loud, I told her I completely understood!  So.  We waited.  And I'm really glad we did.

We ventured out to Milliken in Spartanburg and played in the green grass and under the huge trees that provided lots of shade.  I worked with Derek at Upward for five and a half years and when we did the shoot I'd only been gone for a couple of weeks.  He gave me a hug when they got there, said they missed me at the office and I immediately burst into tears.  Oh good grief.  But, when you don't get to see part of your family every day like you're used to, it's a little hard!  But, I sucked it up and we had fun... and got some pretty good shots in the process.

Derek & Ginger, I'm so thankful for that morning!  You guys are wonderful as are your kids.  Still blows my mind to think of the journey you guys went on before and after the boys were born, but to see them run and jump and play and laugh just reminds me how great our God is.

Much love,

I love this one where Kendall turned. So you may be seeing it a lot...

Were you guys models in a previous life?  Because this is fierce.

Future football stars...

We were trying to get them to laugh real laughs so Derek told them to imagine a bird flying over that was about to poop on my head.  Thanks, D.  Hey, at least they laughed!
You'll have to click here to see the slideshow and how we ended the morning of shooting...!


Anna said...

Wow, those are great pictures! I know the Parks and you definitely captured their fun family spirit and the great personalities of their kids. :o)

Natalie said...

I looooove the family shot.

Michele said...

Love, love, love these. I've never seen Derek's family--but they (and the pictures of them) are just beautiful.

Christen said...

These are amazing. I agree with Anna - "fun" definitely describes them. And their little girl has MEGA personality :)

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