28 February 2010

Sunny Days

Jill is one of my "Clemson girls" that I've known since our freshman year of college. God was so gracious in bringing all of us together and for keeping us so close over the years. We've been through a lot as a group and individually and I know that regardless of what's going on, I could call any of these girls and they would drop everything to help out.

The funny thing about Jill and these pictures of her amazing kids is that during our sophomore year at bible study one night, she said that she probably wouldn't get married and later in life would adopt a teenager to help them out and be their friend! As noble as her statement was, we couldn't help but laugh. And yes, we laughed with her and in her face, not behind her back ;-)

So, imagine how awestruck we were when she met Michael and was the first of the group to get married! Of course we were SO happy and excited for her but it was just funny that her self-proclaimed prophesy didn't come true... at all!

And now here we are, many years later, playing with her beautiful children in the park. Sadly we don't hang out enough but hopefully we're getting better! My favorite part of the day on Saturday was when we were almost done with the shoot and were walking back across the open field... Andrea grabbed my hand like it was the most natural thing to do and my heart just melted.

That small act by my friend's four year old daughter reaffirmed not only how much I love what I do with a camera but how much I love my friends, their families and God for bringing us all together the way only He could.

Jill, I hope you enjoy the pictures. Thank you so much for letting me remain a part of your lives and for giving me the chance to photograph your kids!!


Christen said...

Wow. The colors in that third picture are really stunning. The composition of the picture is just perfect!

Anonymous said...

I LOVE these pictures (and of course the photographer and the clients)!!!! Seriously, they are great, Sabrina! (Jennifer)

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