27 February 2010

Stunning Saturday: Play in the Park

So what is Stunning Saturday? It's what happens when Fabulous Friday doesn't get on the blog! But I have a good excuse! I was on a retreat for church and got back way super late last night. And the only reason I came home last night instead of this morning was because I had to meet up with a friend to borrow some lenses.

I know what you're thinking, "Sabrina, you have a camera and lenses. Why are you meeting up with someone late on a Friday night to get other ones? Seems a little shady..." But it's not! When I got to the retreat, with my camera, I was pulling it out to snap some pictures and discovered that my main lens was hanging off my camera. Yep, you read that right. It was sitting in my camera case but was barely hanging on to the body. I think my heart stopped for a second. Seriously. I had three photo shoots this weekend! What in the world?!? I think it must have busted off when I dropped the bag at the airport on my way home from a work trip last weekend. I mean, it fell hard on the floor of the bathroom. And I didn't open the case until two days ago. I think part of me was really scared of what I would find. But obviously had I opened it, I wouldn't have been in a panic to find lenses to borrow!

Well, a Nikon buddy at work had some lenses he was able to lend me. I mean, it was his birthday and he was giving me a huge gift! The shoot I had this afternoon went pretty well, minus a few meltdowns from 2yr old David (poor guy wasn't feeling his best!). I haven't finished going through the pictures yet, but just a few shots in, I found this one of his big sister, Andrea. I can't wait to see and share more!

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Anonymous said...

Love it! Its awesome! You have a gift!

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