13 February 2010

Fabulous Friday: Snow!

All I've been hearing about for the past week is the 24+ inches of snow that has been falling on Washington, DC. It's been called Snowmageddon, Snowpocalypse, Snowverkill, Snowverit, etc. And while those are all super clever and I've laughed a few times at them, I've been super jealous that they've had snow at all! And then last night, Dallas got 10 inches of snow. TEXAS. So, just like in college when there seemed to be a bowl that God would put over Clemson so that it would snow everywhere BUT where I was, it was snowing everywhere but in South Carolina.

That is... until tonight! They were calling for snow but I'm very much a cynic when it comes to snow in the forcast. I've lived in SC long enough to know that I really can't get my hopes up until I actually see it. And see it tonight we did! There really must be at least a couple of inches, if not more, outside my door. It's so pretty!!

This picture is from the beginning of the snow fall and I can't wait to take a few more tomorrow. You know, when it's not quite so cold!


Christen said...

So pretty :) And I'm really glad you got it this time - I am getting tired of snow!

Cathy Crawley said...

Oh I love the snow! We don't get much here in Australia but I always make sure that my family travels to enjoy it every year.

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