09 August 2011

Married | Nicole and Nathan

So, I've gotten a little behind.  Nicole and Nathan were married on a gorgeous day in June.  Yes, I said JUNE.  Luckily, I was second shooting for the amazing Kim DeLoach who blogged their gorgeous wedding just a few weeks after they said "I do"!  So be sure and check out her blog post too.

This wedding was a little extra to help with because Nicole and I, while we work in different departments, work together at church.  So, even though they were married 2 months ago, I still get to see her beautiful face from time to time and yes... she's still smiling as much as she was the day she became Mrs. Nathan Craig!

We started the morning at Nicole's aunt and uncle's house where she was getting ready.
We would return later for the reception.

The amazing Val doing her work!

Nicole's dad hung each of the paper lanterns himself.  And they looked great!

The flowers and various other things were wrapped in burlap and I LOVED it!

The blue dresses and the bright flowers just made everything pop.

And yes, Nicole even made these necklaces for her bridesmaids!

Nicole's dad seeing her after getting ready...

And her mom looking on while we took pictures.
This is one of those shots that makes me love second shooting!

Um, please check out the girls shoes.  Because they're awesome.


Another shot that reminds me of why second shooting is so much fun.

A detail shot of Nicole with her mom.

After we finished pictures with the girls, we headed on up to the chapel at the Cliffs at Glassy where the guys were ready and waiting.  It was SUPER bright and getting warm, but the guys were troopers!

Are these little guys not super adorable??

I love how the little one's tie is just a little crooked :-)

I just love her face in this shot!

There was lots of laughter before, during, and after the ceremony.


This is the smile that was not hard to find during the entire day!

She smiled during their entire first dance...

This is why I love capturing love.  The joy is just contagious!

The look on her face is just priceless.

And it's still there...

But they were nice to each other :-)

Many thanks to Kim, Nicole, and Nathan for letting me tag along and help capture the day.  It was an honor to be there and celebrate with you!

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