24 August 2011

EJ is 9 Months!

I LOVE doing Baby's First Year pictures because I get to watch these babies as they reach various milestones within their first year of life. And 9 months is so fun because at this point you can see their little personalities and you're getting to know THEM as people and not just a baby.

Being at the same church as these guys, I've seen EJ from time to time, but I was excited to take his next set of pictures so that I could see him and hang out for a bit!  And EJ... oh my word.  He's a doll.  I know you aren't supposed to call boys "dolls" but he's so lovable and sweet and such a cute little chunky monkey!  I love it!!  EJ... it's hard to believe you're going to be a year old so soon.  Can't wait to see you again!

Funny story... as I pulled into Sarah and Cas's driveway, I looked toward their neighbors yard and LOVED what I saw.  And because this family is so awesome, they were totally game for taking pictures over there!  And their neighbors were totally cool with it too :-)

The looks on the boys' faces right here are amazing.

Y'all are such a precious family!

PLEASE notice EJ's look on his face in the picture on the right.
I would have LOVED to know what he was thinking as he looked at me with that face!

This right here is one of my favorites...
I love when daddies toss their babies into the air because the smiles are SO genuine!

When Wyatt was 9 months old, we put him on these same steps.  They're now some of my favorite steps.

And this black and white picture?  I drool over it every time I see it!

The sweetness in these next several pictures may tug at your heartstrings.


I love how EJ is looking up at his big brother in both of these family pictures.  Wyatt... EJ is always going to be looking up to you and it's your job, as his big brother, to look out for him, help him learn the ropes in life, and have as much fun together as you possibly can.  Promise me you'll do those things, ok? Ok!

I love this... a family that's "All In". Whatever happens, they now have 8 hands to tackle it with!

Love you guys... can't wait to see you again soon!

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