22 July 2011

Fabulous Friday | Albums

It has been such a long time coming.  I've wanted to be able to offer albums for such a long time and it has driven me crazy trying to get my act together to make it happen.  After asking around and looking at different companies and then trying to figure out the entire design process, everything finally came into place a few months ago.  One of the things about several of the amazing companies out there is that they have so. many. options.  And my brain was getting overloaded.  Now, for some people, options are fabulous.  Because they're way more creative than I am!  

But, I just wanted simple... for the benefit of my sanity and to help out my clients by keeping it simple for them as well.  Enter KISS Wedding Books.  I found out about them and their design software (that's online!) from the workshop I attended with Zach & Jody back in April.  Well, especailly after seeing them and some more of their albums just recently in Charlotte at the PASS Premiere Tour, it was decided.  Here was my album company!

I talked to one of my bride's mom's who I see fairly often and she loved that we could make this happen... for their one year anniversary present!  So, as I ordered that album, I ordered a few sample albums and I'm SO excited to share them with you.  Photographs by Sabrina is excited to now begin offering wedding albums, engagement albums, senior session albums and more!  I hope you're as excited about these as we are :-)

Below are two mini-KISSes, a 10x10 linen engagement album, and a 10x10 leather wedding album.

I'm so in love with these little guys, I can hardly stand it.  They're adorable!!

And the best part is that you get two... one for mom and one for whomever she decides to let have the other one :-)

This is the 10x10 linen engagement album.  It's slim and sleek and can be used for a guest book or a keepsake.

I used Brent and Abigail's engagement session for this sample album.  They are so adorable!

These can be intentionally designed to leave room for guests to sign their well wishes at your wedding!

And last but not least, the 10x10 leather wedding album.

The pages are thick and durable.

I'm still in love with the flowers from Cody and Seth's wedding last summer.

The lay-flat pages are fabulous!

Happy weekend!

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