07 June 2011

Life in Motion | The Haltiwangers

As I mentioned in their sneak peak, I've known Kristen and her family since our freshman year in college.  Kristen and her older sister Kandace have since found some wonderful men who have joined the family and I'm so happy to call them friends!  And little Xander... Xan-man!  He's such a cutie!

I met this wonderful family in the Rock Quarry one humid Sunday evening to capture them living life together.  They all have so much fun - I have some "behind the scenes pictures of Jason and Kristen to prove it (but they are not in this post, sorry!) - and we had a blast hanging out.  It makes me even more happy to post these pictures because Ben and I are shooting a wedding in Jason and Kristen's town this coming weekend so we get to hang out with them some more!

Thank you guys so much for such a fun evening.  I hope you enjoy the pictures and I hope to see all of you again really soon!

Kathy... I hope you enjoyed your birthday present of these photos from your girls!

Are they not such an adorable family??

I love Xander's face in this picture!

I remember going to Kandace and KT's wedding in Seneca when I was still in college, LONG before I ever dreamed of taking pictures in this capacity. So it's really fun to see them now and photograph them, more of their family, and their son!

Kristen, do you remember that time you brought Jason to the Clemson/Carolina game and I took a (terrible) picture of you guys with my Blackberry so I could post it to Facebook and let our other friends "meet" him?  I'm SO glad he's been so many more games with us...
and that we now have some much better pictures of the two of you!

I love you guys!  And I love how you love to laugh.

Xan loves his grandpa.  Any picture you see of him reaching out... you now know who he's reaching for!

Oh my goodness, y'all are so beautiful.

The guys picture!  Xander... you have the "model face" nailed.  And you're not even 1!

I love this series of pictures of Xander discovering the flowers...

Mom with her baby girl... beautiful.

Mom with her oldest baby girl... beautiful.

Xander loved this!  And yes, he's looking over at his grandpa!

Thank you guys so much for spending the evening with me! 

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