15 June 2011

Photographer Turned Storm Chaser

Tonight I was taking two of my high school girls for their senior pictures.  I was really looking forward to spending some time with them and getting some awesome shots of these beautiful and oh-so-stylish girls!  I'd checked the weather earlier today and our daily summer storm was scheduled for a 30% of rainfall at 7pm and we were planning to get started around 6:30pm.

Well, that 30% quickly turned into 100% with the clouds, wind, and lightening to boot.

We were hoping and praying God would just blow the clouds away, but the storm still had to pass through first!  We tried waiting it out, but the rain never stopped... in fact it's STILL going and it's 9pm!  At least the wind isn't blowing quite so much now.

Sadly, the only picture I got tonight was this one of the clouds with my iPhone.  Still pretty cool though!

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