13 August 2010

Fabulous Friday | Postcards!

I mentioned in last week's Fabulous Friday post that I have a photography show coming up... and I'm so excited about it!  But it's easy to get overwhelmed with how much has to be done before then - most of which I wouldn't know I needed to do if not for my wonderful friend Nina Ellis. You should check out her art... she's pretty phenomenal. 

I have 4x6 prints of a lot of my images from Provence so now I have to take those and figure out what kind of story I want to tell once they're up on the walls.  And with that, I have to decide which ones to have enlarged, which ones to put a price tag on (we're not even going there in this post), and how to arrange them on the walls to tell the story as best I can.  There's also the choice of what frames to get, there are mattes to purchase, snacks to get (yes, there will be snacks, aka free food!) and advertising to do (that's where you come in... tell your friends!).  Yikes!

But one thing has been marked off the to-do list... my postcards came in today!  Aren't they pretty??

The box they came in was super heavy. But I guess that's what 500 post cards will do to a box!

I wish I could put one in the mail to everyone I knew. But that might get a bit pricey. 
However, I can definitely stand to send out quite a few!
If you would like one, just email me with your mailing address*: sabrina.lewis@yahoo.com

*The only requirement for mailing one to you is that you tell at least 7 people to come to the show on September 10 from 6-9pm :) If you live too far away to come, then you can still tell 7 people about it and how much you wish you could all come!

Happy Friday!


Katelyn James said...

good luck at the show girl!!! so fun! :)

Carmen said...

You can mail me one! I won't be able to drive up for it, but would love to have one!
You can get my address off the check if you still have it.

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