27 August 2010

Double JC | Rehearsal Dinner

Walking into Indigo Hall in Spartanburg for the rehearsal dinner, I felt like I was already at the reception.  It's such a beautiful venue and I later found out that Jean and Joe are the first people to rent it for a party!  Jean and Joe did such a good job with the decorations and center pieces (to die for!) and just creating an evening for friends and family to relax, have fun and enjoy each other's company.

I've known Jean since at least 7th grade so being able to spend the weekend with her, old friends, new friends and capturing the weekend was SO much fun.  I was able to meet her and Joe for lunch about six weeks ago to talk about the weekend, hear what their plans/thoughts were and to well, meet Joe!  That hour at lunch was enough time to tell that they were made for each other.  They are such a fun couple and as their friends and family roasted and toasted them after the rehearsal dinner, you couldn't help but see how much they are loved by everyone.

Congrats again, you two.  Thank you so much for a fun weekend and for letting me capture much of it with my camera!

This cake was fantastic!  Jean Crow + Joe Crowther equals...

Aren't the centerpieces perfect? Some were even edible!

Jean's dad's roast/toast was perfect!

It brought a good many laughs.

I'll end this post with this picture of me, Jean and Sarah.  Sarah and I both moved to Spartanburg as we were starting 3rd grade.  By 9th grade we were together all the time and even had all six of our classes at school together!  So, these girls are pretty fantastic and I had so much fun seeing them this weekend!

Check back later today for their wedding post!

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