27 May 2010

Second Shooting | Part Uno

Some days I think photography is one of those things that I just happened to fall into.  One day I'm shooting some pictures with my Nikon N50 and getting the film developed and the next day I'm capturing the beginning of someone's life with their new best friend on their wedding day.  However it was that God brought me here, to this point, I'm thankful.  Because I love it.  My life has been so full of bumps and mountain tops and valleys and everything in between, but I'm thankful for all of it.

What I love most though, other than getting to bring smiles to people's faces when they see their pictures, are the chances I've had to meet people along the way.  I may have met some of them regardless of whether a camera was between us or not, but more than likely not!  So, if a camera and a few lenses are what brings us together, I'm all for it.

Jana Candler (http://www.janacandler.net/blog/) is one of these people.  I'd heard of her through friends and co-workers and by getting into the photography world in Greenville but I was looking forward to meeting her in person when I found out we'd be at a workshop together a few weeks ago.  While at the workshop, she asked if I was free that Saturday to help her shoot a wedding.  Sure!  I'd love to!  Second shooting is such a fun part of this industry because it's a chance to see how other photographers work, get some more creative ideas, maybe share some of my own, help someone out by getting more pictures and most of all, getting to meet more people!

So, thanks Jana for asking for my help.  I'm thankful that you gave me a chance and let me tag along!

Here are some images from my camera the day of the wedding a couple of weeks ago.  Enjoy!

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