22 May 2010

Baby Ellie

There is nothing as sweet as a brand new baby.  I love talking to new moms and hearing the awe in their voice.  I love seeing the siblings interact with "their" new baby, how they love on them, kiss their cheek or pat them on the head as mom or dad are at a cautious distance ready to say, "be careful" or "not so rough"!

Ellie was born on Mother's Day this year and I don't think her mom could have asked for a better gift.  While she had been sleeping most of the week and Katie had warned me that she probably wouldn't be awake for most of the pictures, the first picture is actually the only one where she was sleeping!  She let us see and photograph her beautiful eyes, although at only five days old, I don't know that she saw much more than a blur of a lady with a camera in front of her :)

Enjoy the sweetness of the pictures and the slideshow!

See more in her slideshow here...

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Heather said...

Buck: She is absolutely precious! Your photographer Sabrina captured some of her wonderful new moments and I am sure you guys are very happy and grateful. It looks like her big sister is happy too!

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