19 May 2010

How Old Am I?

This afternoon when I realized I'd been sitting at my desk most of the day, I decided to get up. And walk outside. It was a gorgeous day with big white puffy clouds in the sky and aside from getting fresh air and getting my eyes off the computer screen, I wanted some good ole Vitamin D!

And then I saw it... the playground. I've seen it dozens of times over the past 5+ years and have played out there with kids and pushed them on the swings and everything. But being the middle of the week, the playground was empty and I just smiled because I decided to get on the swing.

As I pumped my legs, just like my mamma taught me, and got higher and higher, I honestly felt like I was about 5 years old again! It was THE perfect break in the day.  So, if you drive by and see this so-not-five-year-old on the swings, there are three others out there so feel free to come join me :)

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