03 May 2012

Harper in Black and White

Way back when... a long long time ago... people used to take pictures with this stuff called "film".  And my most favorite thing to do with that film was to put a roll of black and white in my camera and hunt down those good shots that would pop once developed.  But, it would be so frustrating to have not finished a roll of black and white when something came up that you just wanted to capture in color.  Oh the woes of film photography :-)

So now, in the digital age, when I can have bright color or stark black and white with any and everything in between... it's hard to decide!  And most times, I find myself leaning towards black and white than color. SOOO... I decided to post this full session of my sweet "niece" Harper totally in black and white.  And between the black and white and her eyes and her adorable self, some of these images just catch my breath.  I love them!

Harper, I can't believe you're 18 months old. You're walking, you're starting to talk, you're feeding yourself, you're making us laugh, and we're all falling more in love with you each and every day.

Sometimes kids end up posing without even knowing they're doing it.

I LOVE this image. Even with the Wi-Fi sign in the window!
I feel like it should be from the 60s and the sign should say "Air Conditioned Inside".

This is her saying "Cheese".

I know she looks a little angry in the image below, but wow. I just love it.

It was time for some shopping with Mommy.

Oh my heavens... Harper... you make my heart stop and my eyes well with tears.  
If I love you this much, how will it be possible to love my own children even more??

She wanted so badly to carry her own backpack!

But it got heavy quickly...

Turns out she wanted some water.
Modeling is hard work :-)

We think she got the shopping gene from her mom ;-)

Oh... that laugh!

Oh my heavens... again!

This one? It totally and completely makes my day.

Harper - you are SO incredibly precious and I'm so thankful for you, your parents and that I get to watch you grow up.  I love you so much!
- Aunt Sabrina

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Shannon said...

Oh my goodness! She is soooo perfect! Sabrina, beautiful job! So glad we get to see sweet Harper's parents in 2 weeks!! Only wish she was coming with them!! :)

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