21 October 2011

The Williams

I'm not actually sure when or how I met Ginny.  I know we went to college together and her name sounded familiar when another friend mentioned her several years back, but it wasn't until we met through work related stuff that we started to get to know each other a little.  And I was thrilled when she asked if I would be able to take some pictures of her precious family.  Oh my goodness... her little boy is a doll and her husband is an amazing dad.   Thank you guys so much for allowing me to come to your home and capture your life as it is right now.  It was such a beautiful morning and I hope you enjoy the pictures of your beautiful family!

Rhett wasn't so sure about this picture thing...
but this look right here makes me think he may have a future in modeling.  

Y'all are just beautiful.

The picture on the right was one of those that just seemed to happen.
He was holding my hand and I looked down and he looked straight into my camera.  Those baby blues are still making me melt!

And then... he went with Daddy to get the tractor.   

I think he was upset because he wasn't getting to drive :-)

He facial expressions in the next several images made it SUPER difficult to choose which to post.
So I just posted them all!


And I know this was the sneak peak, but holy cow. I just love this picture.
Ginny got the idea from Pinterest and I think I got two pictures before Rhett was off again.
But wow... be still my heart!

I love the pure joy... in Mommy and son!

I don't know what it is about baby shoes and pictures of feet in general, but I just like them!
And these little TOMS are precious!

The session ended when Rhett let us know he wanted to take the tractor back with Daddy.
But he wanted to look back and make sure Mommy knew he still loved her!

Thank you guys for such a beautiful morning!

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