12 November 2010

Fabulous Friday | Life in LA

So, I don't have much expertise in this category... Life in LA, that is.  Even though I hit all the high spots - LAX, Melrose, Hollywood Blvd, Bel Air, Chinese Man Theater, I even looked to the right and saw the Hollywood sign - one day in LA is just not enough.  But, it was a fantastic way to wrap up my trip to California, especially since the trip to LA meant that I got to see my friends Brandi and Ashlyn!!  They've both been out there for a while now and the question of "When are you coming out here??" had come up more than once in recent years.  So, I decided earlier this year that I was DEFINITELY going to make it out there in 2010.  Wasn't sure how that was going to work out exactly, but I was going to try my best.

So, when I signed up for a weekend-long National Geographic Photography Workshop in San Francisco (more on that to come later) it just made sense that I extend the trip a couple of days and fly down to LA.  I mean, how could I be all the way on the other side of the country, be a short flight away and NOT go see them?

I just had a couple requests (other than the standard tourist spots): 1) I wanted to get a good shot of the Hollywood sign and 2) I wanted a cupcake from any of the shops that I continuously was hearing about.  So, after spending the night with Brandi, going for a run, and then getting ready, we set out for a full day that did not disappoint.

Sadie Grace wasn't too thrilled about not going with us - but isn't she just adorable all the same??

You can't be at the Chinese Man Theater and NOT get your picture taken with someone's name.  Sadly though, John Travolta wasn't my first choice (no offense, John).  But they were getting the red carpet down for an event that night so a ton of the sidewalk was covered.  Oh well... like I said, I'll have to go back one of these days and that concrete isn't going anywhere!

I have a better picture of the Hollywood sign, but I like this one of me, Brandi and Ashlyn way more than one of a white wooden (?) sign.

And the cupcake... oh my, the cupcake.   It was a pumpkin one.  And I ate it before dinner... because I'm such a rebel. :)

It was a gorgeous day that led into a beautiful night.

Brandi and Ashlyn - thank you SO much for taking a day out of your busy schedules to show me around and hang out.  It was so great to see you and I can't wait to see you SOON!  The holidays will be here before we know it and you'll be on the east coast to celebrate.  Love you both... MUAH!

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