23 March 2010

Raffle Winners

Some good friends of mine tragically lost their dad a couple of years ago in a work accident. It was one of those things that you never imagine will happen but you're just numb when it does. You never know what to say, how to act, what to think or how to feel. I remember walking in the door of their house a day or so after the accident and just hugging each of them saying the only words I knew to say... "I know. I know."

My dad passed away when I was 14 and I've written that story on my other blog. While that part of my life was tragic, my prayer since then has been that God would use it for His glory and in the lives of others. So when I went to see David and Andrew that day and was able to hug them and give them those two short words, I gave all I knew to give. My prayer is that it gave them at least a little peace knowing that others had made it through and they would too.

A year later they held the first Wade Scharff Memorial Golf Tournament. Unfotunately I wasn't able to go and said I would definitely be there in 2009! Well, work things came up and I had to go out of town so instead of personally being there, I donated a certificate for a photo session to be used in the raffle they have the day of the tournament. I was thrilled when Robin, whose husband had won the photo session in the raffle, contacted me to set up a day and location for the shoot with their little boy who was about to turn 1 year old!

Robin, it was a pleasure to meet you guys. I hope you enjoy the pictures!
I love the colors in this last picture... and of course that adorable smile!!

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The Scharff's said...

This truly makes my day. Thank you Sabrina!

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