19 January 2011

5th Annual Cabin Weekend

Way back when I started college, I was blessed enough to find a freshman girl's bible study through the Fellowship of Christian Athletes (FCA). Each week we would meet in the basement of the freshman girls' dorm to talk about God, our lives, classes, struggles, and maybe boys :-)

And now here we are, 12 years later.  And we're still living life together.  And I love it.  Sadly we don't live within walking distance like we did when we were all at Clemson, but we still get together from time to time.  Over the years we've gone to the beach, gone on cruises, celebrated with weddings and at the births of babies (one is due next week and another is due in a couple of months!). And every year, at the beginning of December, we take a trip to the mountains and all stay in a cabin for the weekend.  It's so fun to have come this far and to have lived so much life with these girls... and now their husbands and children!

So this was year five.  Even though our group has gotten pretty big, we still manage to find a cabin that we can all share.  Most get in by Friday night and we usually stay up late talking and hanging out.  Saturday morning, Allison makes homemade waffles while we all hang out in our PJs, watch tv, play games and maybe go for a walk.  Or not :-)  Saturday night we grill steak and salmon on the grill and Sunday we go to the Apple Barn for lunch before we all head out.  This weekend has easily become one of my MOST favorite traditions.

Four of the five years we've had babies on the way when at the cabin... this year we've got two on the way...
so we had two showers... in our PJs! (do you see a theme here?)

Lounging around on Saturdays is the best thing ever. Lounging around with college friends on Saturdays is the bestEST thing ever.

This little man got to join us this year! How adorable is he??

This was actually Cooper's second year at the cabin with us. Don't let his "look" make you think he's not happy to be there!

Brooke entertaining us with her iPad.

The guys made good use of the pool table.

 Still can't believe I caught this shot without breaking my camera...

This was only a portion of our traditional amazing Saturday night dinner. 

We also have a dirty Santa game each year.  It's usually really fun because there's always a gift or two (or three or four) that are "fought" over. 

I think Megan went first so she picked the first gift and opened up Santa Pig!  He had $5 worth of nickels inside of him too... 

They weren't too thrilled about the big group picture.  But I love it!!

I love these girls...

I know this post is way late, but I hope everyone had a very Merry Christmas and has an incredible 2011!

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Kristen said...

I love the post Sabrina!! You are truly talented, and I love to see how your are growing personally and spriritually. The Lord has truly blessed you with an amazing gift. Love you, Kristen

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