22 January 2010

Fabulous Friday: Cherry Coke

There are many things that I love about this world. And if you know me, you could probably spout off a few things without even thinking. But since the five of you that read this blog may or may not know me, I've decided to do a weekly or bi-weekly post called Fabulous Friday. Because let's face it, Fridays are fabulous without even trying. So why not make them better by highlighting other fabulous things?? Plus, I just like the word "fabulous". Although I think I like writing more than actually saying it. I may have to test that out though...

So, here it goes. Clearly from the title of the post, cherry coke is the subject of today's Fabulous Friday. I remember going to Greenville when I was younger (we lived oh so far away in Spartanburg at the time) and going to Ruby Tuesdays in the mall and ordering a cherry coke. Not only did the waitress bring me a cherry coke but it had real cherries in it! It may have been at that very moment that I fell in love with its deliciousness. So much so that I've been in awe of the designs that Coca-Cola has put on the cherry coke cans over the years. I used to have the purple can with red cherries on it but it passed away (aka devlopped a leak or something) and ruined the flash I used on my old Nikon N50 in the process. It was sad because it was one of my favorites - the can, not the flash. But so was the red and black edgy one. And that one I was able to find in London back in 1996 in this funky size. How cool is that??

And then... low and behold, I found it. The most amazing thing for a cherry coke obsessed person in the 21st century. Food Lion had the 100 calorie cans of cherry coke!!! Heaven. That must be where I ventured that evening. Unfortunately I only bought one pack of eight. I didn't want to look too silly going to the check out with the last three cases they had of the 100 calorie packs of cherry coke. Sheesh! I would like to keep whatever dignity I have left in tact. Besides, I was too giddy over finding them. I was losing any dignity points I had by jumping up and down and screaming for joy in the aisle.

Here's to a Fabulous Friday!


Emily Clarke said...

Sabrina, I am with you on the love of Cherry Coke! I don't usually drink soda, but if I am ever in a restaurant that has it, I can't help myself!

Christen said...

I just laughed my head off. Can you do a Diet Coke version for me? lol

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