19 January 2010

Courtney... DON'T Smile!

So, I'm kind of behind on blogging. And it's funny how I seem to say that a lot. Oops...! I promise that I don't do it on purpose. And I could give you an excellent list of excuses. But I will spare you because you're here for the pictures, not to read my most awesome list of reasons why I'm behind on blogging. Maybe I'll post that list later. Like, next year. When I'm behind again. ha!

So here they are... this was one of my last Christmas sessions and this family was so fun! I work with Bill at Upward so I've known these guys for a few years now and love being able to hang out with them and get to know them some outside of "work". And no, not all of them work with us! But you don't always get to see co-workers and families outside of the office.

Courtney had the hardest time with the "look off in the distance and look pensive" request. Which made for some awesome laughing pictures! And, photographer's secret regardless of how well you handle a camera, that's sometimes the best way to get the most genuine smiles. Try it!


Melissa said...

The picture of Bill and Susan is terrific!!!

Christen said...

These pictures are such happy pictures! I love the second to last one especially! Great job!

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